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Your current IP (Internet Protocol) Address is
If you would like to chat with someone via an internet software, try one of the following. When the person gets your message, he or she will see the time the message was sent in the message headers, and that you plan to be online for 30 minutes. Change the number of minutes if you wish. The recipient may then contact you using the IP address with a copy and paste into an internet communication program if you have not gone offline.

IP Address usage with Microsoft NetMeeting

The following instruction work with windows 98.
  1. Open Microsoft Netmeeting
  2. Check your audio and video works.
  3. Under Call, select New Call
  4. Paste the IP address of the person to call in the To: box.
  5. Hit the Call Button (beneath the box)
  6. Wait for a reply.
Try the foregoing with your own IP address. Microsoft Netmeeting may tell you that you are trying to call yourself. That is correct.

To answer calls with NetMeeting, your copy of it must be running. In the tools menu in Netmeeting, select options and then general. The general page gives the option of starting Netmeeting with your computer and displaying its icon in the icon tray besides the time. On the general page, say answer calls automatically. Make sure the person you are calling with NetMeeting has it running. The first time you do this, you might want to be talking on the telephone with the other party.

If you have problems with sending video, rebooting your maching may help.

Alternate Method

Cut and paste the link
into an email message with the instruction to paste the link into the URL location box of Microsoft Internet Explorer 5. Here MSIE 4 might work but I have not tested it) for surfing. Try the foregoing with your own IP address. Microsoft Netmeeting should tell you that you are trying to call yourself. That is correct. This trick may not work with Netscape Browsers.

IP address and other internet communication software

Internet communication programs directly or indirectly must employ IP addresses for one and two-way communication. So each program should have a way for entering the IP address of a computer. You will just have to find how by exploring the menus and submenus. Those programs which do not provide this option are restricting your use of the internet.

There is a security risk. Only give your IP address to friends, and log-off and on again to the internet with your dial-up or high speed modem to (hopefully) get a new IP address if your computer is under attack from a hacker, random or deliberate.

Best Use

If your internet connection speed is low or if the internet is busy, internet audio-video communication is choppy. That situation may change in the future.

The best use of internet communication software may be for text and whiteboard communication besides a live phone call. The latter may require two phone lines. One for internet access and another for voice.


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